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momento el trayecto del huracÁn karl por su paso por mÉxico. >> en mÉxico hombres fuertemente armados irrumpen en un bar y asesinan a ocho personas en ciudad juÁrez. >> grupos de activistas se manifestaron en los Ángeles para protestar por la muerte de un inmigrante guatemalteco a manos de un policÍa. >> el papa benedicto 16 pidiÓ perdÓn endres a las vÍctimas de abusos sexuales. dijo de los sacerdotes de la filoso habÍan avergonzado a Él y a toda la iglesia catÓlica. ♪ >> Éste su noticiero univisiÓn fin de semana. semh@unh@noticiero fin de semh lluvia. a pesar de que karl es tiempo pasado sus daÑos estÁn presentes en territorio mexicano. recorrimos las poblaciones mÁs afectadas. >> asÍ es, ha pasado el huracÁn karl. en su trayecto ha dejado mucha destrucciÓn, hay comunidades anegadas, la gente en esta zona, en esta univ comunidad viviÓ momentos de ticierzobra, mucho temor porque jamÁs se esperaban un meteoro de esta magnitud. >> las campanas de la iglesia replicaron para convocar al cuerpo porque estÁn en alerta porque el agua les entro por todos lados por el pas
republicans including karl rove are halving at her chances in the general senate election. the question is, did delaware voters just hand joe biden's old seat to the democrats? meanwhile, another big whip for the tea party in new york where a millionaire from buff hoe knocks off republican party favorite rick lazio for the right to take on andrew cuomo. the question is can karl paladino at least make things interesting? we'll see. and just a couple of days after california gubernatorial candidate jerry brown brought up monica lewinsky, clinton endorses brown. will the campaign rivals and new best buds stand arm in arm on stage? way it too early for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is way too early, the show that rode a wave of anti-establishment sentiment into this job. i'm glad you're up with us this morning. shoot me an event mail at way too early at msnbc.com. let me know why you're awake. or you can come text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be a cram session for t
hannity and rush limbaugh. karl rove dismissed christine o'donnell as a loser. sarah palin and rush went after rove. the tea party has a seat at the republican table. but the knives are out. and make no mistake, if this new band of republicans get -- grabs control of congress, they'll force another government shutdown and probe the obama white house to death. that's their goal. they've said it. launch a relentless campaign to kill government and take down this president. and it's certainly going to happen if democratic voters stay home this november. but what if democrats close the enthusiasm gap between now and then? there are two polls out actually some upbeat news for democrats if they can get their people to the voting booths. remember, that ven yom by newt gingrich by president obama having a anti-colonial world view? i wouldn't you to know what the moderate republicans are saying. when are they going to say enough of this race baiting nonsense? they haven't asked yes. we'll ask one tonight whether he's willing to defend the tribal talk -- tribal talk or stifle it. and christine o'd
administration adviser karl rov rove. >> but i am perplexed by what is going on with karl rove. all he has do is go to my website and he can see those accusations that he is continuing to put out are not true. i am very perplexed. i wonder does he want a democrat in that seat? >> still, the obama administration is seizing on the chance to paint o'donnell's victory as bad for the republican party and good for democrats. >> if you look at what people like karl rove or people like the state gop chairman have said, the republicans in delaware nominated something that they don't think can win or as one of them said couldn't be elected dog catcher. >>> and yesterday, former president bill clinton quipped a lot of republicans today make former president george w. bush look like a liberal, a thinly vailed shot at ms. o'donnell. and kelly ayotte is officially the winner of the new hampshire primary seat. she defeated the tea party favorite by a slim margin of under 1700 votes yesterday. after an extended night of vote counting, despite the close margin of victory, he said he will not request a recount
and finally got her college degree. resonates with voters. but you've got to say, spt really karl rove right? i mean, what are we talking about here? i think that the white house must be so happy with this outcome. i can't imagine anything better and that is the story line and i think you've seen it. >> jon: well, are the media ganging up on her, jim. >> i think they totally have. a week ago they didn't think she could win and a week ago, she could win and he is she's an idiot and destined to lose, but i think that things change quickly in the media environment. and an ace political columnist for politico said on friday, look, she could win this thing and then when i read that she was-- that she's interpreting lord of the rings as a feminist parable. i was reminded, gone on free republic. i'm reminded that like rand paul and a lot of others, and glenn beck, they're reading stuff and absorbing stuff other than the mainstream culture and i think that's why the mainstream culture never sees them coming. >> jon: elliss, an article in "the washington post" headlined republican leaders are now on
. las zonas costeras de veracruz sientieron el azote de karl. y una tormenta dejó su pasó por nueva york. los meteorólogos dugan que sea un tornado. este es su "noticiero univisión." >>> buenas noches, comenzamos con una entrevista exclusiva con la gobernadora de arizona brewer, insiste que no discrimina la ley, y a pesar de lo que diga obama la frontera con méxico no es segura. acaba de regresar de phoenix y esto nos dijo. >>> el presidente obama dice que la frontera está más segura que en los últimos 20 años, tiene razón? >>> no, no. >>> pero está diciendo que el presidente obama miente? >>> no, yo lo respeto más, las personas que viven en la parte sur de arizona viven atemorizados porque están preocupados por los carteles de drogas graci. >>> pero el crimen disminuyó. >>> pero tenemos todavía un problema, y tenemos por ejemplo como 214 mil ilegales, son demasiados, el gobierno federal no nos ayuda para nada. >>> está sugiriendo que la mayoría son terroristas o criminales? >>> no, los inmigrantes ilegales no podemos mantenernos aquí, y en relación a los carteles de dro
sarah palin behind her, jim demint behind her, but not senator cornyn, not karl rove, something we'll be exploring in full and gory detail later and not dick armey's freedom works. is o'donnell and what happened is this the classic example of the sort of puric victory that the tea party is causing republican party to endure? it's like, oh great, you got a nominee and you've already declared her, you know, doa. >> well, a tea partier would say that new york 23 was supposed to be the puric victory. and that is the victory that got people like john cornyn, the chairman of the nrfc to stay out of primaries. if they'd been more muscular in some of these primaries, they probably would've saved lisa murkowski, not sure if it would have saved castle, probably. they met with her before her primary and hinted she should start spending money, but they didn't swing elbows the way they did, for example, when lincoln was in trouble or arlen specter was in trouble. they got scared out of this. and now, if they're serious about this, this was the nightmare sthar owe. scenario. taking delaware was
special guest, congressman gutierrez of illinois. >>> karl rove, frog marched out of fox news. now claims he endorsed christine o'donnell. >> i endorsed her the other night. i said i'm for the republican in each and every case. >> this is how he endorsed her. >> again, the serious questions about how does she make her living? why did she mislead voters about her college education? we'll see if she can answer these questions. >> what a lying sack of -- analysis from howard finemann. how to handle the tough questions, avoid them. >>> 51 minutes later -- >> thanks for being on the program. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> the democratic tax cut. he still won't say he would vote against tax cuts only for the middle class. rand paul insists on cuts for the wealthy even if there's no way to pay for them. >>> and lonesome roads issues a dress code for the tea party. i'm saying maybe it's time to lose, i don't know, the statue oz. dressing up. >> guess what glenn dressed up as today? the chef of the future. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> get off your ass and bake some pi
lee. some of our guests include senator jim demint, the senator of alaska, and of course karl rove. jon: robert gibbs expected to take the podium soon. the stunning strength of the tea party the talk of washington. christine o'donnell beats out michael castle, the long-term congressman and former governor. today she is saying she will win in november with or without the help of the republican establishment. molly line is live in boston for us, big surprise in delaware, huh, molly? >> reporter: you said it this was definite low a shocker. she was kind of a fringe candidate and she pulled off an upset victory against mike castle. he's been referred to as the establishment candidate. a nine term governor. they slammed o'donnell throughout the course of this campaign, the party chair calling her unelectable. she proves them wrong by a 6 point margin. the national senatorial committee congratulated o'donnell, there is word they won't be helping or financing her campaign either. that will be a test of the tea party backing and strength and money as this moves toward towards november. jon
karl rove and juan williams are here to weigh in on the possible shift of balance of hour on the hill. that's next. jenna: a doving story you first heard about an "happening now". iran says they're releasing one american hostage. this saturday. the anniversary of 9/11. the associated press is reporting that their newsate got a text message from iran's culture ministry that is telling reporters to come to the same hotel where these americans and their parents were reunited just a few months ago. we don't have any more details on which one it might be. josh, shane, or sarah, but apparently this saturday, one of them could be set free. jon. jon: there are more polls just out, jenna, indicating the prospects are dim for democrats in november. take a look at the results of this new quinn pack -- quinnipiac poll saying 42 percent of voters would rather vote for a republican rather than a tk-rpblg that's a five-point lead and with the democrats' majority in the house in jeopardy, republicans are reportedly already putting together a plan if they take over and john boehner were to become spea
with fully functioning human brains, karl rove now claims he has endorsed had her. i leave it to you to connect the dots next. >>> to you it may have looked like what he said about christine o'donnell was the equivalent of hiring the entire even the ones they keep in the greyhound museum. no, he said, that was an endorsement. no problem to add to them or pay for the deficit. he again calls for tax breaks for the rich. the mighty oz has spoken. tea partiers may not dress up anymore. it's hurting their credibility >>> with apologies to herman had melville's description. the sails beat against its white sails. the great shroud of the sea of propaganda rolled on as it rolled 5,000 years ago. i only escaped alone to tell thee. >>> 36 hours after carving up christine o'donnell, karl rove has endorsed christine o'donnell. nothing to see hear, folks. move along, please. the washington post reported today mike castle will not endorse her, citing his opponent's personal smears during the campaign. likely a reference to the homophobic comments o'donnell launched at the congressman. sarah palin'
the g.o.p. or sink it? we'll talk with republican strategist karl rove, who has come under fire inside his own party for criticizing the g.o.p.'s newest star christine o'donnell. then, a game-changer in alaska. after losing in the g.o.p. primary, senator lisa murkowski mounts a write-in bid to keep her seat in washington. we'll get reaction from the republican nominee and tea party favorite joe miller. plus, sarah palin and 2012. with her string of success in the primaries, we'll ask our sunday panel if she is now the front-runner for the g.o.p. presidential nomination. and with the primary season all but in the books, we'll look at what a wild week it was on the trail. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again, from fox news in washington. this is not the program we were planning to bring you. christine o'donnell, the surprise winner of the republican senate primary in delaware agreed to come here live in washington today to take our questions. however, late friday night her campaign canceled. saying o'donnell was exhausted and had to return to delaware. saturday morning o'd
>> continÚa la alerta de inundaciones y deslaves en mÉxico, tras el paso del huracÁn karl que hasta el momento han dejado al menos cinco muertos, varios desaparecidos y miles de damnificados.univh@not uni-fsem@ >> buenas noches, gracias por compartir con nosotros parte de este sÁbado. >> bienvenidos a esta segunda ediciÓn de noticias. cinco fallecidos y mÁs de 10 desaparecidos es el saldo preliminar del paso de karl por territorio mexicano. 250.000 damnificados por lluvias, inundaciones, vientos y cortes elÉctricos. >> las campanas de la iglesia fueron para convocar al pueblo de la antigua que estÁ en alerta porque el agua se les metiÓ por todos lados luego del paso del huracÁn karl. >> caÍan los Árboles... nos metimos a la casa de una tÍa. >> la casa de josÉ enrique carmona quedÓ bajo el agua, alcanzaron a subir algunos artefactos elÉctricos pegados al techo que luego se desprendiÓ por los vientos. >> lo que mÁs perjudicÓ fue el agua del rÍo. >> el huracÁn pasÓ justamente por esta zona entre caras del, san francisco, la antigua, la comunidad ha quedado com
15 muertos atribuidos al huraÁn "karl", los quince muertos atribuidos al huracán karl elevaron a 71 la cantidad de fallecidos dejados por karl. se visitó un albergue que da refugio a unos cuantos de los miles que quedaron sin casa. >> es para toda la familia o individualmente >> es para todos, todos los días lo mismo ,pero ya no está alcanzando. >> cuanta gente tienen aquí >> 2443 ayer se hizo una reubicacion a otros albergues, estamos recibiendo a la gente evacuada de toda la zona aledaña al río, al momento se registran y evaluan su estado de salud >> ahora la tarea implica actuar en diferentes frentes. la cruz roja está repartiendo víveres a cientos de personas,. >> algunas personas adscritas al medicare pagarán un 1% por ciento menos, la poliza costará en promedio 35 dolares, la mayor parte de la población de adultos mayores se ven beneficiados por programas estatales >> un escándalo desatado por exhorbitantes sueldos que se pagaban. incluyendo al alcalde, vice alcaldesa, ex concejales, ex administrador de la ciudad de bell >> en la conferencia dijo el fiscal que util
. >>> justin watching such names like karl, julia, igor. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> thanks for joining us, thursday. >> hey listen, i'll be in cumberland tomorrow, broadcasting live on our on the go. i have my winter jacket ready. >> me and julia, down by the studio. >> simon and garfunkel. >> i feel like i'm in a barber shop this morning. we're not going to look at extreme chill any time soon. mild morning, thanks to the increasing clouds. small chance of clouds. if anything, mr. costello, you'll knee the waterproof jacket tonight. do you think we'll get a lot of rain out of there in time for you to go out in western maryland. wet weather in the tropics. karl hit mexico, back over the water, strengthening, you've got hurricane igor at 34. currently 56 degrees, your start point on the thermometer and bel air. let's see what's happening on the roads right now. >> well from cumberland to cambridge and from cockeysville to columbia, everything's looking pretty good so far on the roads this morning. we don't have any delays or accidents. just fire activity in glen bu
, as the threat from hurricane karl diminishes, hurricane igor heads toward bermuda. >> detectives investigating the murder of a leading pakistani politician in north london believe that his killing may have been politically motivated. dr. farouq, who had spent the last decade in exile until london, was found with stab wounds. >> suburban north london -- hardly the most obvious place from which to conduct politics in pakistan. outside, dr. farouq, a prominent figure inside pakistan's mqm party shall was stabbed and beaten to death. counterterrorism investigators are investigating but no clear motive has appeared yet. the party is the dominant party in karachi. farouq fled pakistan in the early 1990's and sought political asylum because he thought his life was in danger and that london would be a safe haven. the leader of 9 party has a body guard but the m.q.m. say they can't afford body guards for every leader. this killing has made them feel very differently. at the london offices tonight they are in mourning for their friend and colleague. in karachi where the m.g.m. dominate politics there wa
is about karl rove vs. christine o'donnell. mr. rove will be here. >> over 22 states are considering laws that would condone racial profiling under the guise of immigration reform. today we need a united voice to demand solutions to our country's toughest problems. >> hollywood comes out in favor of compassion for illegal aliens. dana perino and leslie marshall on that. also tonight, dick morris on why president obama remains incredibly popular in europe and glenn beck has some issues with bill's new book pinheads and patriots. >> bill: you're way too complicated for me, okay? [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about higher taxes. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. because i am a simple man, i am going to cut through the jibberrish on taxes the best i can here we go. president obama wants to end the bush tax cuts, raising the federal income tax rate on americans earning above $200,000 a year. but the president says he is not go
'donnell and stallworth karl rove. this is fascinating. sarah palin will provide analysis. >> illegals are sneaking across our border. what does harry reid do? he comes out opposed to arizona's tough new immigration law. harry reid, the best friend an illegal alien ever had. >> i'm sharon angle and i approve this message. the woman challenging harry reid in nevada pulls ahead in the latest poll. >> racism is the new -- bring it at me. >> bill: dennis miller is upset about islamophobia and lady gaga. [mooing] >> bill: uh-oh. >> silly clip notes. >> bill: the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the tea party vs. the republican establishment. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo once again. last night the tea party flexed its muscles as christine o'donnell in delaware and karl paladino in new york came from far behind to win their respective races. immediately after those victories, left-wing media began viciously attacking both people, pulling up old tape of ms. o'donnell talking about sex and defining mr. paladino as a nut. liberal p
have frank luntz, karl rove and young guns of the republican party are here with analysis. but first let me bring in the host of varney & company stuart varney and former white house press secretary dana perino. look at that lead, 47% of the vote in. a week ago, i don't think any of us would have said it would be that big a lead. >> possibly not. i think there have been surprises across the country as each primary has closed. the last two weeks ago when we had the surprise in alaska when joe miller won. it is happening across the country and it probably will into november. >> sean: rand paul, joe miller, sharron angle, maybe christine o'donnell tonight there. is a battle within the establishment republicans they supported specter, crist. and rank and file conservatives are saying, sorry they are not conservative enough for us. >> let's not take "the new york times" live. "the new york times" says these upstarts the tea party people they can't win. only establishment republican candidates can win, come the election in november. let's not buy that line. that's a distraction and wrong.
message for karl rove and others in his own party who are refusing to endorse o'donnell. >> how can you claim defeat before you attempt victory? this makes no sense. it makes no sense, stop it. stop it. >> that's your message, stop it? >> stop it. relates get behind our nominees and win the election. >> steele expressed confidence that o'donnell would beat democrat chris kuhns in the general election. coming up, we'll see what fellow republicans have to say about the tea party favorite. >>> well, also new this morning, seeking federal help for san bruno. california governor schwarzenegger sent a letter for the declaration of the explosion that killed four and destroyed 40 homes. the fire and heat so intense, first responders thought a plane went down. listen to this, now there's new evidence that the disaster was extremely preventible. dan simon with the latest on the investigation. >>> the imam behind the planned islam mosque and center is accused of being a slumlord. it alleges that imam feisal abdul rauf had to fix the problems. >>> well, if you're at the greenville drive and the lak
. >>> y comenzamos con los estragos de karl, vamos con verónica que está en vivo desde méxico. adelante. buenas tardes. >>> así es, buenas tardes, y con sus huracanados vientos karl obligó a evacuar a miles, y es un fenómeno sin precedentes, y lo convierte en el ciclón más peligroso de su historia. >>> y es por eso que vamos con león felipe para que nos amplie. >>> así es, el huracán karl podría seguir creciendo, el gobierno federal tomó medidas, los detalles. >>> fuertes lluvias, inundaciones, marejadas, es lo que provocó karl que tiene vientos de 115 millas, y en el puerto los negocios cubrieron ventanales. >>> hay que ser fuertes a esto. >>> cientos de miles eran víctimas de las fuertes lluvias donde estaban con el agua hasta el cuello, y sus calles se convirtieron en ríos. las autoridades hicieron un llamado para dejar zonas de riesgos y refugiarse en zonas seguras. >>> el que no se movió no se mueva. >>> karl podría seguir creciendo. >>> con posibilidades de ascender a categoría 4 implica actuar con toda oportunidad para evitar mayores daños y afectaciones a la pob
'm not here. karl rove, rush limbaugh and sarah palin played out the republican party split over christine o'donnell. let's see it. it's only september. look at the sparks fly. it started with rove's skepticism towards the victory by christine o'donnell tuesday night. let's listen to this strange fight. >> some of got ole boys, and i have nothing against karl rove personally. he's the expert. but some of the folks are saying that people like christine o'donnell and others, tea party americans can't win because they don't want them to win. >> there are just a lot of nutty things she's been saying that simply don't add up. >> everything i know that saw this was just -- they were perpl perplexed. why is he so mad at a republican? >> i endorsed her the other night. i said i'm for the republican in each and every case. i was one of the first to do it. look, i'm also helping her. i got so many people that written me an e-mail saying i'm irritated with you saying what you said the other night. i'm giving her a campaign contribution. >> mark halpern that, is the fastest i've seen a guy stuffed at th
, spend some moit say. >> talk to karl rove in a moment. >>> and the dead low explosion that wiped an entire neighborhood off of the map. could this disaster have been prevented in we'll ex ne. "fox and friends" secial edition starts right now. ♪ >> live from studio e in theto heart of midtown manhattan. it is a special day .me gretchen mentioned that nine years ago today the world changed and on the new york post a day to remember. >> the animation shows the building being built. it is frustrate seeing a lot of nothing going o in . now theres a lot of something. >> just a couple of days ago, ttehey put the piece of steel from the original buildings up totart the building process finally. who could have imagined nine years have already passed. president obama is marking the ninth anniversary of those a attacks with a speech at pentagon. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush are in spranksville, pennsylvania. we will have a full wrap up of the d's event. good morning mike. >>reporter: president obama will start the moment in 8:46 and do a moment of silence in
is kicking up there. jacqui jeras is here. igor would be the first threat and then karl or does it matter in the timeline? >> karl is pretty much over with. maybe just some showers. igor is one of the big focuses as this is a powerful hurricane and could make landfall in bermuda. this is a huge hurricane, so even if that eyewall doesn't make it on shore, they are going to be getting hit with hurricane force winds, not to mention huge waves that are going to be pushing through as well. there you can see igor and take a look, yeah, this is the island. those are the islands we're talking about, that tiny dot you can hardly see. karl faded out over here. we have a tropical wave in the gulf. we've got julia right here, which is a tropical storm, 50-mile-per-hour winds, not going to bother anybody. and then we have this tropical wave way out here which has some potential, medium chance of becoming our next named storm. if so, it would be lisa. let's talk about igor and where it's going to be heading. this is a category 2 hurricane right now, maximum sustained winds 105 miles per hour. you have
than 20 years, what does he think of the combat withdrawal and the president's speech in and then karl rove is here and then there is breaking news out of mexico. bombs at a bar in a tourist hot spot you may have vacationed in. it is getting worse in mexico. we have the latest. >> in the second oval office of his address in his presidency, u.s. combat operations in iraq. colonel north a combat marine for over 20 years joins us. breaking news the north family. it is really breaking news. >> it was on my way in my beautiful daughter gave birth to our 12 grandchild beautiful 6 pound 9 ounce baby girl now they've got three girls, two boys and it is wonderful. >> greta: congratulations. iraq, who is left behind? >> the guys left behind are going to be support personnel to make sure the logistics get handled. what is not being talked about, he didn't mention it in his speech -- >> greta: he being the president? >> he being mr. barack obama, those staying behind to conduct combat operations. they are conducting combat operations. >> greta: why are we ending combat operations? >> that was stat
for more than 20 years what does he think about the president's speech? and karl rove is here. >> plus, breaking news out of mexico. bombs at a bar. a tourist hot spot you may have vacationed in. it is getting worse in mexico and we have the latest. ya. uhhuh. mhhmm. oh i know. that was cute. right. honey eat. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni and cheese. you know you love it. why does my company have so manyrinters and copiers? ll different brands with different controls? give me one product line with a big colorful lcd screen and common controls. and with arp o.s.a. technology, i can easily integrate with my i.t. systems. and i don't want tuse one of those mini-screen keyboards. how about a built-in keyboard? ♪ was that too much to ask? [ male announcer ] the award-winning mfp lineup from sharp. work without limits. >> greta: president obama announcing the official end of u.s. combat operations in iraq. colonel north a combat marine for over 20 years joins us. breaking news the north family. it is really breaking news. >> it was on my way in my beautiful daughter gave birth to our
the warm-up for a bigger surprise and a lot more fun. karl rove promptly savaged her on fox while sean hannity's head spun a full 360 degrees. the half governor has just tweeted pleading for conservative focus. i thought ms. o'donnell didn't like that. gop cannibalism next. nationwide insurance, hit me. i love for an insurance company to be there for me before i actually need them. you mean be proactive. yeah, i guess. check your left pocket. [chuckles] nationwide insurance offers proactive insurance services because they want to be there for you before you need them. proactive, like magic. >>> karl rove will not go gently into the tea party night. the man they all worship is studly on the s list. rove versus o'donnell again, and palin's pleading tweet. the democrats are largely sitting back and watching, but not the president. he has today attacked the republicans for blocking his tax cuts. times are tough, but these two men are willing to stick out their necks to protect the poor and downtrodden of our nation. you know, their fellow pasty white guys and the suffering tea party that p
republicans are saying behind closed doors in a moment. right now it seems karl rove is the only one still publicly criticizing o'donnell, quote, she's made nutty statements in the past. and on fox news last night he made it clear he thinks she's the wrong choice for the party. listen. >> christine o'donnell is now going to have to answer in the general election that she didn't have to answer in the primary is her own checkered background. i met her. i tell you, i wasn't frankly impressed as her abilities as a candidate. it does conservatives little good to support candidates who at the end of the day, while they may be conservative in their public statements, do not advance the characteristics of rectitude and truthfulness. i'm for the republican but i've got to tell you, we were looking at eight to nine seats in the senate. we're now looking at seven to eight. >> sarah palin responded to rove, telling him and others who dismiss o'donnell to, quote, buck up. democrats hope the infighting helps them. plenty of democrats are concerned about the energy unleashed by tea party activists. with
done the same. >> bill: okay. now, tim kaine almost agrees with karl rove. kaine, of course, being the head of the dnc that we just saw in the sense is that the theme is, look, if you nominate people for congress, thee senate, even the governorship here in new york. palladino, who are, i don't like to use the word extreme but let's say that their views are explosive, controversial, those kinds of things, that you're helping the democratic party because the independents, the mainstream people will go, you know, i'm not so sure about that what say you? >> i think that's true. and certain individual races the delaware race christine o'donnell seems peculiar candidate is exhibit a in that let's remember, you look at the polling on the tea party and what they stand for and it's really quite popular it is especially popular among independents who are the true swing vote in america. there is a poll out today that says 48% of the people, of independents in this poll support or are a part of what the tea party -- or the tea party. something like, you know, less than 4 o% feel the other way.
-up for a bigger surprise and a lot more fun. karl rove promptly savaged her on fox while shawn's head spun. just tweeted pleading for conservative focus. i thought ms. o'donnell didn't like that. gop cannibalism next. ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's beneful incredibites. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. whoa! wait for me! ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. >>> karl rove will not go gently into the tea party night. rove versus o'donnell again, and palin's pleading tweet. the democrats are largely sitting back and watching, but not the president. he has today attacked the republicans for blocking his tax cuts. times are tough, but these two men are willing to stick out their necks to protect the poor and downtrodden of our nation. you know, their fellow pasty white guys and the suffering tea party that protects the
are marshaling forces. and on the republican side, karl rove is expressing surprise. jon karl is here tonight. good evening, jon. >> reporter: diane, the republican leadership is just stunned by what happened last night in delaware, and now they are scrambling to get control of a movement that seems to be taking over their party. >> you betcha. >> reporter: republican leaders had called her a fraud, a liar and unelectable. but now they have to call christine o'donnell republican nominee for senate. >> i didn't count on the establishment to win the primary. i'm not counting on them to win the general. i'm counting on the voters of delaware. >> reporter: privately, republican leaders say o'donnell's victory means they can't win in delaware and probably can't win control of the senate either. but the only senator who supported o'donnell says his party's leadership had it coming. >> i've been in the majority with republicans who didn't have principles and we embarrassed ourselves and lost credibility in front of the country. frankly, i'm at a point where i'd rather lose fighting for the right cau
. it is a best bet along with "the other guys," "inception," and others. >>>> karl caused a landslide, burying houses and killing a woman and child in said. the eye of the storm hit landfall earlier this afternoon, dumping 8 inches of rain in 90 minutes. >> those are the tropical systems. it may enter the pacific ocean and become georgette. it would become a different name. it is unusual to have that much activity in the atlantic. outside, it has been a beautiful evening. palin of things are going on. there is the moon. here are some of the events going on. if you want to get a little taste of egypt, you can go into the egyptian festival. let's go back to the graphics. you get a couple of things going on. this coming weekend, fun, food, this is out at herndon and the egyptian bazaar. at the herndon middle school, bring your telescope and bring your binoculars. it is for the observed the moon night. as you can see, the moon was gorgeous. jupiter, when you see it, is 33 light minutes away -- is 33 minutes away. in manassas, the temperature is 63 degrees. the temperatures have really dropped. it
have hurricane igor, still category 4. julia upgraded to category 4. karl about to hit mexico. a lot to talk about, but currently we're dry. we are looking at temperatures ranging from 56 degrees right now. 58 there. 54 on the eastern shore in chester town. mostly sunny sky. the high reaches 78 this afternoon. our traffic update now with kim brown. >> thanks justin. this morning we have traffic jammed across the interloop span on the key bridge and only one lane getting by at this time. expect a delay there. a struck pedestrian at ritchie highway and 9th avenue. no delays or problems there. that is a five minute trip. about a 3 men it right there. no issues on the top side. you're going to see traffic moving pretty well here. no issues on the harriersburg expressway on warren road. traffic looks pretty good. megan and jamie back to you. >> if you went to bed and you didn't know who won the race for top prosecutor, things look good for burnstein but we still don't know who won. linda. >> reporter: even though it looks like burnstein has won, an cen tee ballots have not been counted an
. the neoconservatives and karl rove and mike castle are cutting their throats with what >> why this rove trash her? >> i don't know why he did. first of all, rile tell you why, because it destroyed the grand plan where we give you the people, you nominate. what the tea party is saying is, you don't tell us who our candidates are going to be. we will pick 'em and we'll reject yours if we want tom. >> alan, o'donnell self- destructs. >> let's get a grip here. she's one won a close republican primary, a 10th of the state's population in a third of republican voters, and she won by 53-46. and the mike castle voters, i don't think he's ever been called a nee con before. -- neocon. he's a very popular former governor. she is unlikely to win, which is not to say she must be taken seriously because all the money will pour in from the tea party patriots, and various groups who want to see her succeed. but i'm with karl rove on this one. he called her nutty. she is putting a face on the republican party that is very extreme, and she's shaping not only the mid-term elections but she's shaping the 2012 elections. a
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